• LCD Repair

    • ·The open defect is directly repaired by printing metal ink and can achieve high resolution and high quality electrodes.
    • ·Compared with the existing CVD repair-technology, the process can allow high resolution patterns and enhanced step coverage and flexibility.

    PATTERN SIZE3μm or more

  • OLED Repair

    • ·The open defect is directly repaired by printing metal ink and can achieve high resolution and high quality electrodes.
    • ·It can repair 1μm-level patterns, which is the World champion performance.

    PATTERN SIZE1.5μm or less

  • uLED Repair

    • ·For the defect free micro-LED display, due to the limit of multi-transfer, repair solution is key process in manufacturing. Enjet provides the chip repairing solution for the micro-LED display.

    PATTERN SIZE10μm or less

  • Micro-Precision Bump Printing

    • ·Uniform and small features can be printed, which can be less than 10um. It can be applied to bumper fabrication.

    PATTERN SIZE10μm or less

  • Underfill

    • ·Enjet develops innovative underfill solutions for semi-conductor packaging, based on our dispensing technology.
    • ·Compared with the conventional method, due to the effect of the electric field, it has the advantage of void-free underfilling performance.
  • Side Electrode printing

    • ·3D edge side electrodes can be successfully fabricated by our solution.
  • Bonding & Sealing

    • ·Our dispensing technology is being applied to various application areas such as adhesive bonding and sealing.



  • Anti Glare

    • ·Enjet has developed solutions for AG coating and applied to customers. EHD spray method can fabricate more uniform films and high yield performance compared with other methods.
  • Anti Finger coating

    • ·Anti-finger coatings have been used in many applications such as mobile phones, glasses and displays.
    • ·Compared with air and ultrasonic spary coatings, EHD spray coatings can reduce the material usage and achieve a uniform thin film.
  • Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Shielding

    • ·The EHD spray method has been applied to the electromagnetic (EMI) shielding of semiconductors and could achieve highly uniform coating layers on 3D chip structure.
  • Conformal Coating

    • ·There are many requirements for forming thin films in PCB, chip, display, mobile phones, etc.
    • ·Recently, the EHD electrostatic spraying method can uniformly coat the functional materials on entire exposed surfaces of the 3D structure.
  • Flux Coating

    • ·Flux coating is applied to the surface of the printed wiring board (PWB) or printed circuit board (PCB) before soldering to ensure good adhesion between the solders.
    • ·The flux can remove oxide layers, prevent the formation of oxide layers, and improve the quality of the soldering and the electromechanical connection at the interface with the circuit.
    • ·EHD spraying methods can carry out thin and uniform coatings for flux applications.



  • Hydrophilic

    • ·ENJET has developed Direct RF plasma head technology with high-density plasma capability and applied it to ultra-precision coating machines for many years.
    • ·ENJET's plasma solution can stably ignite plasma and carry out the surface treatment at a long distance.
  • Hydrophobicity

    • ·Enjet plasma solution can form a hydrophobic film layer on many surfaces such as wafers, ceramics, and glasses in seconds to minutes.



  • Particle-free conductive ink for Bonding

    • ·Product : Micro LED
    • ·Target : Anode/Cathode Electrode Based on TFT
    • ·Pattern Requirement : < 15 ㎛ diameter
  • Particle-free conductive ink for electrodes repair

    • ·Product : Micro LED
    • ·Target : Data Electrode repair
    • ·Pattern Requirement : Edge-Electrodes
    • ·Repair Efficiency : 100 %
  • Hybrid conductive ink for fabricating electrodes

    • ·LERProduct : Micro LED, LCD TV TFT gate/source electrodes
    • ·Target : Electrode fabrication
  • Particle conductive ink for 3D electrodes formation

    • ·Direct patterning of edge-electrode using our EHD printer and particle conductive ink
  • Particle conductive ink for TFT electrodes formation

    • ·High resolution direct patterning of OLED TFT electrode based on nano-particle conductive ink
  • Underfill ink for Mini-LED

    • ·Thermal curing ink of epoxy base for EHD
    • ·Curing temp. 150~200℃/30min
    • ·Hard type
  • Insulation coating for Micro-LED

    • ·Thermal curing ink of epoxy base for EHD
    • ·Low curing temp.(~130℃/30min)
    • ·Soft type
    • ·High transparence
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